When you come to Broulim’s Meat Department, you are getting much more than just a meat order. Our meat managers are certified butchers who have been working in the meat business for years. Your meat manager will not only provide you with quality cuts of meat, but they can also provide you with the knowledge of how to cook, season and make the most of the meat you are purchasing. We carry the highest quality products that include: Smithfield Pork, Gold N’ Plump Just Bare Chicken and Certified Angus Beef. We also work hard to grind our own meat in store, multiple times a day to ensure freshness for our customers. Come take a look at our seafood department. We offer a variety of both fresh and frozen products to meet your needs. We also provide both seasonal wild-caught fish along with sustainable farm-raised fish in our stores. Talk with your store manager today to learn more!

Broulim’s also features USDA Choice Certified Angus Beef in all of our stores. There’s Angus. Then there’s Certified Angus Beef. Generous marbling is the secret to the Certified Angus Beef brand’s unparalleled flavor. Marbling is the name for the little white flecks of flavor that melt during cooking, keeping each cut naturally juicy and flavorful. Ample marbling equals great taste.

Certified Angus Beef must pass 10 quality standards to earn the name. Remember, only 1 in 4 Angus cattle meets the brand’s high standards.

The Certified Angus Beef brand is brought to you by generations of farmers and ranchers who are committed to raising beef of superior quality. These families are members of the American Angus Association and they own the brand, proudly delivering their best to you, bite after flavorful bite.

Learn more about Certified Angus Beef today!


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